Curriculum Vitae of Yohei Kurata


9.2002-5.2007 Department of Spatial Information Science and Engingeering, University of Maine

Degree: Ph.D. in Spatial Information Science and Engineering, 5/2007
Thesis: Arrow Symbols: Theory for Interpretation paper abstract
Advisor: Max J. Egenhofer
Committee members: Michael F. Worboys, Kate Beard-Tisdale, Kathleen Stewart Hornsby, and Werner Kuhn (Universität Münster)
4/1998-8/2002 Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo
4-8.2002 Doctoral course
4.2000-3.2002 Master course
Degree: Shushi-Kogaku (Master of Engineering), 3/2002
Thesis: Methods for Modeling and Automatic Matching of Rough Maps abstract
Advisor: Atsuyuki Okabe, Yasushi Asami, and Yukio Sadahiro
4.1998-3.2000 Bachelor course
Degree: Gakushi-Kogaku (Bachelor of Engineering), 3/2000
Thesis: Development of a Preference-Based Tour Planning System abstract
Advisor: Yukio Sadahiro and Keiichi Okunuki (University of Nagoya)


3.2010-Associate Professor, Division of Nature- and Culture-based Tourism, Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences / Department of Tourism Science, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
6.2007-2.2010Research Associate (wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter) in FB3 Informatik / SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition, Universität Bremen
  1.2009- 2.2010 Strategic Project "Spatial Calculi for Heterogeneous Objects"
  6.2007-12.2008 Project I3-[SharC]
1.2005-5.2007Graduate Research Assistant in Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering / National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA), University of Maine, Supervised by Max J. Egenhofer
9.2004-12.2004Japanese Language Instructor in Critical Language Program, Department of Modern Languages and Classics, University of Maine
7.2000-8.2000Project Assistant in an IT venture company
9.1996-8.1997Part-time teacher in a cram school

Other Services

2017Committee Member, ENTER 2017
2016Lecturer, GIS Day Tokyo 2016
2016Committee Member, AI4Tourism 2016
2016Committee Member, ENTER 2016
2016Part-time Lecturer, Chuo University (Spatial Information Modeling)
2015Lecturer, GIS Day Tokyo 2015
2015Committee Member, Tourism Recommender Systems 2015
2015Committee Member, ENTER 2015
2015Part-time Lecturer, Chuo University (Spatial Information Modeling)
2015Committee Member, A committee for inbound tourist survey utilizing ICT, Japan Tourism Agency
2014-Board member, Society for Tourism Informatics
2014Lecturer, GIS Day Tokyo 2014
2014Committee Member, ENTER 2015
2013Lecturer, GIS Day Tokyo 2013
2013Committee Member, ENTER 2014
2012Lecturer, GIS Day Tokyo 2012
2012Chair, 5th Research Conference of STI
2012Committee Member, ENTER 2013
2011Lecturer, GIS Day Tokyo 2011
2011Committee Member, ENTER 2012
2011Secretariat/b>, Top Seminar of Tourism Management, Tokyo Metropolitan University
2011Secretariat, 2011 University and School Dean Meeting for Tourism Education
2010Lecturer, GIS Day Tokyo 2010
2010Committee Member, Spatial Cognition 2010
2009Committee Member, GEOProcessing 2010
10.2009Session Chair & Judge, 18th Conference of Geographic Information Systems Association, Japan
9.2009Symposium Co-organizer, Symposium on "Spatial Models Meet Spatial Language", ICSC 2009
2009Committee Member, Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2009
2008Committee Member, GEOWS 2009
2008Committee Member, Spatial Cognition 2008
2002Teaching Assistant, Advanced Urban Analysis (716-21), Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan, Supervised by Yukio Sadahiro
2000Translation Proofreader, Brandon Plewe(1997) GIS ONLINE: Information retrieval, Mapping, and the Internet. translated into Japanese by A. Okabe, S. Shinoaki, M. Nasu

In addition, I have been working as anonymous reviewers in five GIS journals and one information science journal


See this list for my articles and presentations at conferences

11.2016The aim of DaredemoGuide!. Meeting of Industry-School-Government in Hokuriku for Utilization of Geo-Spatial Information
11.2016City tour planning through interactive communication. Meeting of Tourism Section, IT Consortium Kyoto
10.2016Our attempt to create new tourist maps from the huge user-posted data on Internet. Open University PRI Series, Tokyo Metropolitan University
12.2015Small ideas, which implant excitement into our daily space. Proposed Session "Travel and Place" on HCG Symposium 2015
8.2015Learning from tourists online, and contributing to them online. 2015 Summer Collaboration Research Colloquium, Tokyo Institute of Technology
7.2015A web tool which enables ordinary people to create a virtual tour easily and present it online. 7th TMU Policy Proposal Meeting
3.2015Information Service for Tourists, and Our Approach. First Town Meeting, Omotenashi App Town
2.2015Possibility of ICT Applications in Tourism Industry. HCJ2015 Trend Seminar
1.2015CT-Planner Which Supports Intuitive Tour Planning on Maps: from Tourist Support to Local Support. 12th Hokkaido Surveying Technology Seminar
11.2014Tourist Behavior and GIS. CSIS Symposium on Human Behavior and GIS
8.2014We want to know the behavior of inbound tourists!. Urban Data Challenge 2014 Ideathon
7.2014An Internet Service for Supporting City Tour Planning. 6th TMU Policy Proposal Meeting
6.2014Introduction of Computer-Aided City Tour Planner CT-Planner5.0. 13th GeoMedia Summit
3.2014Potential of Shizuoka Prefecture from a Viewpoint of Tourism Informatics. University of Shizuoka
1.2013Information Technologies Which Enrich Tourism. Studies of Current Tourism, TMU Open Univerisity
10. 2012Treasure Hunting over the World! New Tourism Induced by Geocaching. Enjoy Tourism and Study Tourism 2, Meguro City College
6.2012Information Technologies Which Enrich International Tourism. Studies of Current Tourism, TMU Open University
2.2012Mobile Tourist Information Tools seeing from a Tourist's Viewpoint. 2nd Colloqium of Hokkaido Branch of Japan Operations Reaserach Association
1.2012Extending Tourism Experiences with Smartphones. 2nd Open Symposium of CSISi, University of Tokyo
11.2010Potential Applicability of GIS for Tourist Support. Research Meeting on Tourism Informatics in Kaga City
5.2010>Tourism and GIS: What We Are Doing in Tokyo Metropolitan University. 6th ESRI Japan GIS Community Forum, Tokyo, June 2010.
11.2009A guest lecture in Prof. Okabe's Seminar, School of Cultural and Creative Studies, Aoyama Gakuin University
1.2009Toward Spatial Reasoning of the Arrangements of Multi-Domain Objects. in SFB/TR8 Colloquium, Universitaet Bremen, Germany
10.2008The 9+-Intersection: A Universal Framework for Modeling Topological Relations. Class of Engineering Databases, Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine, USA
4.2008I3-SharC: Interpreting Human Route Directions by Various Modalities. SFB/TR-8 Workshop, Oberkirch, Germany
11.2007DLine-related Topological Relations. Geoinformatics Department, University of liege, Belgium
7.2007Topological Relations between a Directed line Segment and a Region/ line / Directed line Segment. in SFB/TR8 Colloquium, Universitaet Bremen, Germany
4.2007Ontology: A New Perspective for Computational Interpretations of Arrow Symbols. 9th AGS Graduate Research Exposition, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA. ポスター
4.2006Automated Interpretation of Arrow Symbols: Toward More Flexible Sketching Interfaces. in Human-Computer Interaction, Information System Engineering Program, University of Maine, USA
4.2006Directed line Segments: How are They Connected? 8th AGS Graduate Research Exposition, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA, April 2006. Poster
5.2005Arrows for the Communication of Spatio-Temporal Knowldge: Semantics and Interpretations. 13th Atlantic Institute Student Research Conference, Quebec City, QC, Canada.
4.2005Structure and Semantics of Arrows in Diagrams. 7th AGS Graduate Research Exposition, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA.
6.2004Automated Interpretation of Diagrammatic Arrows for Sketch Interface. 12th Atlantic Institute Student Research Conference, Fredericton, NB, Canada.
4.2004Automatic Interpretation of Diagrammatic Arrows. 6th AGS Graduate Research Exposition, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA.
11.2001A guest lecture in Urban Analysis, Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan
10.2001A guest lecture in Urban Analysis, Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan
10.2000A guest lecture in Urban Analysis, Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan


7.2017Research Award, 14th Annual Conference of STI
11.2015Best Award, Geo-Activity Festa, in G-Kukan Expo 2015
11.2014Best Award, Geo-Activity Festa, in G-Kukan Expo 2014
8.2012Research Award, 6th Research Conference of STI
9.2009Best Paper Award, KI-2009
9.2008Best Full Paper Award, GIScience 2008 pic
11.2006College of Engineering Graduate Research Assistant Award pic
9.2006Student Travel Scholarship, GIScience 2006
6.2006Summer Research Award, University of Maine, USA (-8.2006)
6.2006Student Travel Scholarship, Diagrams 2006
5.2005First Grade in Effective Visual Use and Clearness, 13th Atlantic Institute Student Research Conference
4.2005Third Grade in Civil and Spatial Information Engineering Posters, 7th University of Maine Graduate Research Exposition
3.2005Student Travel Scholarship,AAAI Spring Symposium on Reasoning with Mental and External Diagrams
1.2005Graduate Research Assistant, University of Maine, USA (-2007.5)
9.2002International Tuition Scholarship, University of Maine, USA (-2004.12)
4.2000Category I Scholarship, Nihon Ikuei-kai (Japanese Scholarship Foundation) (-2005.3)
1992Honorable mention, Obun-sha Programming Contest for Junior High School Students

Licenses and Certificates